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In recent years his name and his music have taken the Pacific by storm. The Papua New Guinean born singer has emerged at the very forefront of the music scene throughout the islands and beyond

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JUSTIN WELLINGTON – In recent years his music has swept the Pacific by storm. The Papuan New Guinean (PNG) born singer/songwriter has emerged at the very forefront of the music scene throughout the islands and beyond. His charm, charisma and vocal accent have captured the hearts and minds of scores of adoring fans, and his beloved songs have become household favourites time and time again. Justin’s unique style and sound is an irresistible blend of reggae pop, R&B, dancehall and island music. His music is heavily stemmed from his diverse musical influences, his life experiences in his home nation of PNG, as well as living, travelling and performing abroad in North America, the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

In 2005, after the wondrous success of Justin’s debut album which presented the dance floor favourite “I Wanna Give You Some Lovin” and the Pacific wide anthem “Much Love”, the following album “JW” in 2008 was just as impressive. It generated two multinational number 1 smash hits which were the tender ballad favourite “In Love With U” and the silky smooth dancehall laced “Fire”. Then in 2011 Justin released “Reign of Morobe”, his third album. It was nothing short of spectacular. Critics labelled it a "musical masterpiece". It featured the tracks: "Runaway" - a fun and infectious zouk/reggaeton number about a weekend escapade, and a certified number one in several countries; "Island Girl" - a work of genius and a radio number one in New Zealand. It is an incredible reworking of the classic 1950's ballads that many music listeners still cherish so dearly today; "Your Love" (feat. Sharzy) is an emotional and heartfelt tribute to Justin's grandmother, his lifelong hero and mentor; and the title track "Rain of Morobe" - featuring internationally acclaimed PNG artist O-shen. "Rain of Morobe" is a high energy dance track that tells the story of the torrential rains and storms that are commonplace in the Papua New Guinean province of Morobe, the place that both Justin and O-shen call home. In the wake of the success of “Reign of Morobe”, Justin has focused primarily on releasing singles, collaborating with other artists and producers and trying his hand at recording some covers of old classics. Justin was able to travel to Samoa for the first time to partner up with acclaimed production company Whitcombe Media. Together they would create “Island Sound” which soared to the top as a continental smash hit. They are also responsible for the production of several of Justin’s music videos including the highly amusing comical clips “So Much” and “Need You”. Soon after he worked with the immensely popular PNG band Jokema and together they produced “Sugar Baby Darling” and “Long Way Back (To Your Heart)”. Both became instant fan favourites.

Justin’s most recent works include a string of songs and music videos produced in the Solomon islands, a nation whose musical talents have long impressed him. “Island Moon” is a chart-buster and heart thumping reggae adaptation of “Neon Moon”, the affecting country ballad originally recorded by Brooks & Dunn. Likewise is “Iko Iko” an artful transformation of the old New Orleans folk song that has been a favorite of people across the globe for generations.

Over the years Justin’s fans have witnessed the ever evolving talented and innovation that they have come to expect and appreciate of him. His repeatedly sold out lively performances have touched the hearts of his loyal and enthusiastic fans across the Pacific from Indonesia all the way to the United States. With hit after hit, his song catalogue epitomises the term “all killer, no filler” and it’s sure to have listeners dancing, reminiscing and grooving for years to come.

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Justin will be performing in CA
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